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Chairman of Iksan City Council Homepage

Choi Jong Oh
  • Election District GA Election District (Mohyeon, Songhak)
  • Political Party Democratic Party of Korea
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Education & Career Background
  • Graduated from Iri Middle School and Iri Commercial High School
  • Graduated from Howon University
  • Graduated from Department of Accounting, Graduate School, Jeonbuk National Univeristy (Master of Business Administration)
  • Chairman of Steering Committee in Iri Mohyeon Elementary School (present)
  • Standing Representative of Iksan Westrern and Southern District Development Forum (present)
  • Chairman of Iksan Sports-for-All Billiard Association (present)
  • Director of Iksan Supporters’ Association of the Association of Persons with Physical Disabilities (present)
  • Consultant of Sarangsireun Traffic Volunteers Corps (Children with heart diseases)
  • Director of Iksan Culture Foundation (former)
  • Special chairman of public relations, Jeollabuk-do Provincial Office of New Politics Alliance for Democracy (present)
  • Chairman of planning and administration committee in 5th Iksan Municipal Council for the second half year
  • Vice Chairman of the 6th Iksan Municipal Council for the second half year
  • Member of 5th, 6th, 7th, 8thand 9th Iksan Municipal Council