홈 Functions of CouncilPetition/Appeal

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What is a petition?

A petition is a system which citizens submit desires or opinions on administrative policy in writing through a city councilor.

Submission of Petition
  • Fill the petition form (write the petitioner’s name and address and affix his/her signature) and the opinion on the petition through a city councilor and submit both to the secretariat of the city council.
  • There is a special petition form. The petition form can be downloaded on this website.
Petition Procedure
  • The petition is processed in accordance with the general bill procedure, including ordinance bills. The agenda division receives a petition and delivers it to the relevant standing committee, depending on the type of the petition. Next, the petition is submitted to a regular meeting or is disposed of after examination. The mayor or chairman takes the proper actions for the petition adopted during a regular meeting. If the purpose of a petition is already achieved or if the aim of the petition can’t be realized, the petition is disposed of.


Submission of Appeal
  • An appeal has no specific requirements or forms.
  • Write an appeal to be accurately understood and submit it.
  • The city council receives and deals with the appeals in various forms.
  • (Post Code 54622) Inbuk-ro 32-gil 1, Iksan-si (Namjung-dong) Iksan City Council
  • Online Appeal(
  • Fax: (063) 859-4058. Tel: (063)859-4174
Appeal Procedure
  • The secretariat of city council receives an appeal and delivers it to the relevant standing committee, depending on the content. The chairman of the standing committee processes the appeal and notifies the applicant of the results. Moreover, the appeal is used as the reference material for council activities.
  • When it is determined to be reasonable for a mayor to deal with a petition, the petition is transferred to the mayor and the decision on the petition transfer is notified to a petitioner. The mayor deliberates the petition transferred and notifies the decision to a chairman.
Receipt by a City Council
  • Submission of Petition
  • - A petitioner needs to write his/her name and address and affix his/her signature on the petition form
    - The recommendation by a city councilor shall be attached
  • Receipt of Petition
  • - Non-receipt of Petition : any contents disturbing a lawsuit or infringing upon laws
  • Examination by the relevant standing committee
  • - The city councilor recommending the petition shall explain the purpose of the petition when the relevant standing committee or the regular meeting requests
    - When a petition to a regular meeting is not needed, the result is reported to the chairman and the chairman notifies the petitioner that his/her petition has been rejected.
Resolution by a city council
  • A bill is adopted through deliberation and resolution in a regular meeting
  • The matters determined by a majority are transferred to the mayor with the opinion on the petition attached
Processing by the mayor
  • The mayor examines the petition and immediately notifies the result to the city council
  • The city council notifies the petitioner of the result